20th anniversary show

August 10th, 2017
5pm - 9pm


I have had the pleasure of curating the hallowed green walls of the Joe Bar since November of 2010. This will be the 80th show I have hung in the café. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Joe Bar and my octogenarian status I am showing artists I have displayed over the past 7 years. I have had the pleasure of showing established artists, first time work from artists, retrospectives and month long installations. We have shown husband and wife teams, buddy collabs, printmaking classes and countless former Cornish students. We curated a once a month night-long show in Turn with Shaun Kardinal and have placed hundreds and hundreds of works on your walls. Please come and celebrate with us!

There will be two events. One on the artwalk night, Thursday August 10th and a party the next night, Friday August 11th, with the band Gods of Silicon. Come out and enjoy with us!

- Ben Beres


Amanda Manitach
Baso Fibonacci
Sean Barton
Jason Puccinelli
Jed Dunkerley
Siolo Thompson
Michael Neff
Jaimie Healy
Joe Gray
Kyle Wendt
Brandon Vosika
Keith Tilford
Rachael Lang
Jean Nagai

Boyd Richard
Brad Ewing
Rodrigo Valenzuela
Sean Hurley
Erik Hougen
Erin Kendig
Leiv Fagereng
Paul D. McKee
Ryan Feddersen
Melissa Ludin
Brad Taylor
Ben Gannon
Joey Veltkamp
Kelly Bjork

Greg Stump
Tessa Hulls
Julia Hensley
Erin Pollock
Charlie Spitzack
Britta Johnson
Betty Clifton
Ben Hirshkopf
Amanda James Parker
Jessixa and Aaron Bagley
Gretchen Kritch
Troy Gua
Andy Wentz
Estee Clifford
Jazz Brown